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E mojen clinic

E mojen clinic aims to help children, adolescents and adults free themselves from the internet addiction that has been multiplied in the state over the past several years. As the severity of the pandemic has increased, people have spent more time browsing the internet in the past year alone than ever before. E-Mojen (e-mochen) aims to identify Internet addiction of individuals at an early stage through behavioural changes and helps them to recover from disorders such as internet gaming.

It also focuses on enhancing the mental well-being of children and developing their life skills. Our senior clinical psychologist Dr Sandheesh PT is in charge of e-mojen clinic. A team of clinical psychologists comprising Vinod SS, Soumya Sukumaran and Sisira Sasidharan are also actively involved in this initiative. The clinic is open every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm.

Contact 0495-2741385, 9400058020, 9847134970 for help.