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Admission Procedure

Services at OP & Casualty

  • Registration of New Cases                                 -  8 am to 5 pm 
  • Follow Up of Old Cases                                      -  8 am to 1 pm
  • Services of the clinical Psychologists                 -  8 am to 1 pm
  • Services of the Psychiatric Social workers         -  8 am to 2 pm
  • Medical Records Library                                     -  8 am to 5 pm
  • Pharmacy                                                            -  8 am to 5 pm
  • Observation of patients with bystanders             -  5 pm to 8 am 
  • Admission of patients as per the provisions of the Mental Health Care Act briefed below:- 

Admission of Indepenent Patient

A person who is not a minor who considers as having mental illness and desires to be admitted in a mental health establishment can make a request to the medical officer in charge of the establishment Such persons shall be admitted by the Medical Officer or mental health professional if he /she is having illness of severity that requires admission and if he/she is likely to be benefited by the treatment and if he/she makes the request on free will and has the capacity to understand the nature, purpose and effects of the treatment. The independent patient shall abide by the rules of the establishment and his /her informed consent shall be taken in giving nthe treatment

Admission of Minor

The nominated representative of the minor shall make a request to the medical officer or mental health professional in charge of the establishment and on receiving such a request, the medical officer shall admit based on the examination of the minor independently by 2 psychiatrists or 1 psychiatrist and a medical practioner / mental health professional and if they conclude that the minor has illness thats is severe of requiring admission, admission shall be in the best interest of the minor, mental health care needs of the minor shall not be fulfilled otherwise and all community based alternatives to admission has failed. The nominated representative shall stay with the minor under all circumstances for the entire duration of the treatment. Informed consent of the nominal representative is necessary.

Supported Admission

On receiving the appication from a nominated representative, the medical officer or the mental health professioanl in charge of the mental health establishment shall admit the person on the basis of the examination by one psychiatrist and a medial practioner /mental health professional independently and conclude that the person has mental  illness of severity that requires admision and that he /she has recently threatened or attempted or is threatening or is attempting bodily harm for himself/herself and others, shown inability to take care of  himself/ herself to a degree that places them at risk of harm to oneself and that the person is ineligible to receive care and treatment as an independent patient. Supported admission  shall be limited to a period of thirty days. The period of stay shall be extended as per the provisions of section 90 and 86 of the Mental Health Care Act which ever is applicable to each person with the approval of the Mental Health Review Board.

Emergency Treatment

 In oder to avoid death or irreversible harm to onseslef and others and damage to property,  any Registered Medical Practioner or  health establishment  shall provide emergency treatment for a period of 72 hours  or till the person with mental illness has been assessed at a mental health establishment, whichever is earlier. 

Admission of Wandering Persons

Such persons shall be taken  under protection by the Station Health Officer of the police station concerned  and produced  before the public health establishment sooner or not later than 24 hours and shall be refered to mental health establishement by the medical officer in charge of the public health establishment. If the person doesnot require admission as per the the assessment of the mental health establishedment, the same shall be informed to the police and the police shall take the person to home or in case of homeless to government establishment for homeless persons. FIR shall be lodged and efforts shall be made by the police to trace the family.